Sunday, April 17, 2011

hurk! Stupid feeling.

isi it wrong if  i can't express my feeling throuh my words? Oh!~ it is so hurt when it just blew in my heart.
Its just me. Siti Hajar Farahah.
the girl who can't express her feeling.
 Can't say a word in fighting.
Can't say anything if anyone hit her.
Dumb!. Stupid.
Am i useless? I keep giving problems to everybody. I can't make anyone happy. I just keep hurting everyone around me.
People. do hate me.
i deserve it.
is it?
 i just felt sad with you. i can't?
i just felt neglected? Am i wrong to feel that way?
i just felt lonely.
i'm just me.

oh pleasee.. Take this feeling away.

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