Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sebab Saye NURSE.

As Salam... Hari ni rase macam nk terbang .Kunun ringan la. Sebab da abis paper kan PsyChiatric.. weee~ Wlaupun ad lg 1 paper ari Senin ni. Saye tetap la hepy nye.. Tinggal ckit je lagi azab kat kolej ni.. hahaha
(gelak sambil lompat bintang)

Nurse paling bising di dunia.!
Entry ari niyh. Ade kaitan la ngan saye. Ade la ckt. huhumm,,~ Nampak tak gamba id atas. ce carik mane saye? ade2?? Sape jumpe dpat jaja ngan cekelat heck. 
haa.. cari2. .. .. sile2.  Da jumpe kang mesej je. pesbuk. ngehehe..

Haa. Back to the topic for today. And for the reason for this pixca.(ecece~.. da lame tak test manggeris ni. syok plak.) Sebab saye Nurse. Or.... Because I'm a Nurse. Yes. Nurse to be.  6 moth to go..! Yeay!!
How do i feel? Scared to death.! ok . over reacted.. Bot scared. Excited. yup. Happy and glad. 

Explaination? naahh~ (evil laugh) oke.! done with me here. i know its annoying.

Today, i'm talking about 12 May. I think not everyone know 12 MAY is NURSES DAY. i repeat.
 NURSES DAY. Yeah. we nurses have a day too..haha( BORING!) oke. Its a day to appreciate nurses. Oh tq3~
so, i just wanna wish all nurses in the world. HAPYY NURSES DAY. My friends, My Sengal 1/09, My beloved lectures. Staff Nurses. u guys are great. 
 i know, everyone know this fact. We safe life. And that was a wonderful things that i always want to do. We do! Dun wurry peoples we do it sincerely. Its our job.(:
I'm proud to say. I'm a Nurse.(a tranee act) haha

dun wurry.! we don't do this to patient.
except for certain cases..lalala~
to my beloved trainee friends.. I love you guys. ok. I do hate certain of you. Sometimes. haha. but, that doesn't change my love for you ok..
my hunny bee..

kite gile kamera.!

see? kite memang gile kamera.

we made a beautiful friendship

a great. n fun too.

kawan- kawan. i love u.
Happy Nurses day..



  1. cik farah,

    happy nurse day....

    msred follow k...gud luck exam....

  2. cik farah,

    just for fun, jom join msred...heeee

  3. join? seganla.. sy bru lg..


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